Me introducing Myself…..

Hello everyone. Whatsup! (Please don’t answer, you’re reading this for god sakes). So I thought well let me introduce you to me through me. Woah that was deep! Anyways jokes apart, Hello guys and all ya sassy gals, this is Pratik Ghone. Let the introduction begin. Pratik istart!

I: Hi Pratik! Tell me something about about yourself!

Me: Dude, seriously! You sound like all the HR’s of companies. And this is their favorite question. I mean, I have literally “rattofied” the answer for this. You could ask me this question when I’m taking a poop and in that intense moment as well, I would start “Hi, I’m Pratik. Pratik Mohan Ghone…”

I: Ohk, Why don’t you let us know who are you?

Me: Well, chill bro. No sarcasm to yourself! I am you.

I: Bitch. Just stop the crap and answer!

Me: Woahke, chill your BHP! I am Pratik Ghone. I’m 25. An executive assistant by profession (atleast as of now, coz frankly speaking I don’t know what I want to do. This tale someday later…) I am a good person at heart, and you know that! Very emotional but can be dead practical at times.

I believe in everything. Trust me I’m a dumbass person. I can’t see people in pain (even if they act they are in pain, I’ll believe them). But if I see someone doing something against ethics or morals, I cant stop myself from acting as a “Offficer’s choice ad guy”. I’ll go bizarrely loud on the guy. “OYEEEE….”

I: Now Youre talking…

Me: Just because youre a second elder to my thoughts, don’t u expect I’ll respect you if you keep interfering in this manner!

I: Dude, please continue…

Me: Aint I cute! Anyways, I am a very frank person. Lands me in many problems, many a times. But at the end of the day, I didn’t lie and that’s what saves my black ass.

I am an introvert most of the times. But if I get comfy with a situation, I’m an extrovert like no other can be! I like to respect other’s views but if it narrows the scope of thinking, I try to widen the scope.

I: So I know who you are. But why write a blog?

Me: Well, I don’t have a definite answer for anything I do. I just do it coz I feel like doing it. And this too is the outcome of one such feeling. I believe if you can make one person smile in your entire day, You are starting a wave of positive energy, that eventually helps you smile in when you feel low.

Ps: (No, this is not another person, its post script :P) I aint no writers ands I the don’t the knows how writing or grammar, but I knows I share my thoughts with you alls. And Mosts important is this blogs may have words inappropriate for someone who hides under the social blankets . I won’t say I don’t care, I’ll say, chuck that blanket once. It’s fun! We all smiles. Jai hind! 😀

I: So Mr. Clueless, why the title “Eat-Game-Sleep-Repeat”?

Me: Dude, this title is not clueless though. I mean look at it in this manner, isn’t this what we do everyday. We eat for surviving and sometimes just for the fun of making those taste buds happy. We Game everyday. Now gaming here means all the activities we do in our daily life to grow and achieve a level higher than what we stand today.

This may be a bit philosophical but lets try to understand how does a game work. We train in the first level, we gather resources and advance. New challenges and harder levels as we progress and we overcome all of these, save the game each day we play and start from the save point the next time we start. Life is just like a game. (a detailed explanation in a separate post soon…)

We sleep to rest or recover or just coz we have to, else we die. And then we repeat all of it again..

So the title.. “Eat-Game-Sleep-Repeat”

I: Pratik. Leave something for later purpose too. And please work, its not a time to write an intro!

Me: Dude ur right. But still, fuck off!

As for all of you guys, I’m sure most who will read this for the first time already know who I am. I am Pratik for some, Ghone for most and something else for everyone else 😉 (Ahem.. Personal Life!) For all the new guys and sassy gals reading this, this is a small glimpse of my personality.

And I’ll be writing about everything I feel like writing. Let the words ejaculate!

5 thoughts on “Me introducing Myself…..

  1. Hey Pratik , i cud literally feel u giving ur intro , great work at putting ur thoughts in words 😊 , Good work buddy !!!! Looking forward for your next post 😊

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