Ek Chutki Happiness…


Heyo, everyonez! Holla! I know before you start thinking, this is just another article on Happiness and it’s bull crap, Let me tell u this…….. It is! But hey this ain’t no bull crap, it’s my authentic crap.

Happiness, big term… lots of books and articles and be happy, stay happy, blah blah blah… and then some more from me! Chillax! I ain’t gonna tell you guys to change urself or start a day with smile (we all know our morning faces very well. 😛 I mean like come ‘on, if you look at your face every day in the morning you know you keep setting a benchmark on “how bad can I look competition”! ) or am not gonna say approach life in a happy way even when someone is trying to tweak ur ass temperature!

Happiness is not about the bigger modulations. Its about that “ek chutki” (“a small pinch of” – well, I got foreign audience too :P) that u do and can do everyday to spark those endorphins.

Ps: I aint no biology or anatomy specialist about endorphins. But I know that these are the happiness sperms that can bring results hell lot faster than those real sperms.

It’s mostly said happiness is not about the big things its about the small things. Well analyzing this sentence happiness is about things and ways to do these things.

Try this out: Ask someone how are you? They’ll usually refer as good, fine! Even if they are suffering from the worst cold and can barely look at their phone screen. Later on, after the conversation starts, they start revealing that they are not well or have a certain thing bothering their soul. Did you understand why this person said he/she was fine? He/She said so coz u enquired about him/her and somewhere in us all, we always love when someone cares for us. That chutki happiness translates in a “fine” manner. He/she felt fine for that one second!

We are not going to go in the details of all of the happiness analysis. Frankly speaking, you don’t have the time and nor do I. We allz BUSY u see!!!

So comes the question what’s ur ek chutki Happiness?

What I mean is, what is it that u do in ur day that makes u feel satisfied (Apart from an orgasm, nothing satisfies better than it!), makes you smile unknowingly, makes you forget the time or just  makes you say “chuck it, it doesn’t matter anymore”?

Well, I am not talking about changes u bring about to make happiness. I am talking about that one thing that u unknowingly do everyday.

For eg. I dint know this until one day I overheard my mom speaking to someone: “Pratik is singing, that means he is in a good mood”

Somehow ur closest people always know this peculiar chukti of urs. They always do!

These words really made me understand that singing puts me in a really orgasmic state of mind (It still doesn’t beat the real orgasm :D). But heck yeah, I sing unknowingly and this is one of my “chutki of happiness.”  I mean I always sing and never knew that it really meant I was being happy!

In this same manner, I really feel that little joy, when I ride my bike on an open road.  Well, the only time I ride my bike usually since the past couple of years is that one minute ride to the station parking and that relaxed ride back home after a head-raped day. But heck yeah, it sparks the endorphins. That cold air cooling the overheated body-engine of mine feels so darn great.

Reading this, u understand what I am talking about. That little act, which helps spark that smile J

I heard somewhere (Heard! – Yes I heard, coz I don’t like reading – Yes  u read it right, I don’t like reading. I believe when u have technology to aid ur laziness why bother reading. Watch videos or hear audio instead. I rarely read anything, even reviews – well whats YouTube for!) Anyways, I heard somewhere,  that exercising everyday will release those endorphins and make you happy. Hell even an organsm does it, and the act burns even more calories – Win Win situation. Peoples justs don’t gets its. But jokes apart it does. And I miss that chutki since my lazy ass is too bored to get up an hour early everyday. Confessions!!

One such lost chutki is my passion for computer gaming! I love gaming, and yes with my new job I can game again. Everytime is sit for gaming, I need to be literally scrapped from the computer coz I don’t move even when my mom is yelling at the top of her voice. Reason: Freaking the save point is just a few hurdles away. 😛

Apart from activities, there are people as well who have the magic of extracting ur happiness juices. (Kindly stay on track u perverted assholes!) Yes, people who unknowingly make up ur chutki of happiness. For every person in love, the first such person is, their partner! Yes a simple “hi” on the phone and all your time just pauses for that one second. No matter how sick u r, one touch from him/her and u start feeling like why dint the doc just make tablets out of him/her. I’d be cured by now for sure.

And these people could be anyone else apart from partners too. Mom, dad, that special uncle or the lovely charming aunty, or your asshole cousin or just about that sweet and sexy friend of urs. They all know ur chutki and u know theirs. In fact they are ur chutki and a 110% u r someone’s chutki too.

Exercise, playing with your pet, watching your favorite tv show, reading that favorite blog, gaming, masturbation, many such things act as ur chutki of happiness. But I heard about a research that was conducted recently to see which activity makes u feel the happiest?

Results: Nope it wasn’t sex, it was shopping.

I know the way I feel after I get a brand new pair of jeans or tee. I just can’t get out of it. Or that thing u purchased off lately that makes u feel so happy of possessing something new. I fiddle around my new tech like a baby gets his hands on his winy! Shopping make u feel good about urself. That one chutki, untill you shop again. No wonder these gals always look happy, shopping happy asses! Anyways… I could go on and on and on.. I believe this chutki of happiness is what everybody will relate to. And am really glad that people will experience this chukti of happiness as this is Diwali time.  Everyone’s Shopping and everyone’s smiling. Some for gifts and others like me for our own ass. All feeling that “Ek Chutki Happiness…”

Do let me know what ur chutki of happiness is, and yes you there, yes you! You too can reply no matter when u r reading this. Reply yaar, open ur heart. Share this world of ours. ..

Happy Happiness everyone and Happy Diwali


2 thoughts on “Ek Chutki Happiness…

  1. After reading this ,
    i realised tht Dr r many thgs which r my ek chutki happiness n yes i ws smiling whole time while reading ur post 😊, so thanks for giving me ek chutki happiness 😊!!
    Happy Happiness n Happy Diwali!!!! 😊

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