A Busy Day….


A Busy Day….

This is a sentence which contains so much constipation of thoughts that, a simple question “why?” acts as a strong enema of all the good and bad words invented or maybe innovated by that particular person.

Yes, we all had a busy day. U could be anyone, a student, a kamchor teacher, a doctor (if u r readings this, who is attending the patients, doc?), a banker :), a blogger (ps: this is marketing 😉 ),  a lawyer (I know one, she sucks), a network ass, or a car maniac, a working professional or the most busyassed executive assistant in the world :D. Yes yeah ho correct – We alls the hads a busyass day!

A busy day for everyone has a different perspective. Someone could be busy in his or her office sorting, calculating documents and files over his/her desk preparing those never-ending excel sheets, whereas someone could be standing hours serving people with a fake smile coz his/her job demands him/her to greet customers with that ever-happy smiley face. Results – some have a headache after work and others have a body ache. Either way if any of body part aches, u had a busy day.

What I mean is you could be busy either physically or mentally. And neither wins the race of, “I am more important than the other”.  And somehow our asshole views always associate the words “busy day” with someone who works outside their house boundaries. I mean like wtf! Why so?

I can tell with utmost surety that a homemaker (ahem, ur wife and for most of us, our mom) is busier than what we all can be in our particular day. I mean understand this, she wakes up and already has her to-do list for everyday ready in her mind. And yes! This to-do list starts with waking u up if ur late, making u tea and breakfast, etc. In a way, she is the one who actually helps to see that u start ur to-do list on time. And she maintains our house. Manages the ever kirkiri and kamchor bai. Makes delicacies and eventually listens to ur bsuy day crap! While u work for someone she works for u. Payment she demands : Only love + incentives of love. She had a busy day too, ask her someday how her day was?

And eventually it comes downs to this. We have busy days, which we can’t run away from. But guess what! The busy part of the day gets over when we are back home (well most of us are, and u ashant atma, yes u, u surely will be home so relax ur BHP!). So we are done with the day. Now whatever time you get, spend it aaramse. Talk to someone or anyone about ur day. Vomit out everything, u’ll feel good. Chillax and relax. Leave ur worries aside. No outsiders to impress. No fake smiles to process. This is ur save point. Save ur game.. Spread ur legs. Behave like a child. Don’t shy. And when amongst ur loved ones or no matter where u r… All the Sasumaas and Bhaiyaaji… Ismileeee 🙂

So how was ur day all ya busyasses?

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