The Tech Breakup!


Before we start, this is technological rant. Yes although related to technology, I’ll speak in a way all you non-tech asses can understand. And how is it, that you will understand a tech related talk? Answer – Coz u use tech everywhere. The utter fact that you are reading this makes u tech savvy. (Feeling happy about urself, freak!) Yes basic meaning of technology is using things (tangible or/and intangible) to simplify tasks. Like always let’s not go deep.

Now coming back to my rant! I am ranting coz today my phone was ditched from an official software update. Although, I never used the official software, it’s still sort of a heart-broken situation. Does it mean, I should upgrade? Does it mean I lack behind the constantly updated crowd? Does it mean I am using something since ages.. WTF does it mean? I know what it means….  It means NOTHING! Yes, u read it right. It means nothing. To be frank, ask urself what were u thinking when you bought this current phone of urs. It has “best for the price features” or “best phone in available” or “awesome deal”. But a certain time period later, these constant updates force u to hate ur tech. This is more of a mind game for humans.

Well, most people would start thinking that the life of any “tech” is not more than 2 years and blah blah blah.. Guess what! Lemme ask you, how old is ur refrigerator? How old is ur washing macine? Why are you using these tech since years? Aren’t these devices used everyday? Have u not seen updated refigerators that stand so tall, u start thinking Amitabh Bachchan designed it, and all those silent washing machines (Innovator – Silent sex lover!)? So, we know tech updates happen to all the tech. Then why this perception towards some peculiar tech like cellphones and graphics cards (all hail the gaming spirit, amen!)

PS: App updates apart, we are talking about main software and hardware of the tech. Ok then, regarding tech, a friend of mine believes, companies must have one or two releases of consumer tech each year and support them for years ahead. He’s right from a humane point of view, but a dumb ass, from a profit making point of view. And yes, I just want to say it clear, companies with all these releases are doing nothing more but playing with the greedy human behavior to have it all. I challenge u, that the phone or the pc that u r reading this upon is something u always wanted but at the same time, u want something better than ur current setup! 😛 (Darn me psychological too)

So what do u do when you have such a tech breakup from ur tech manufacturer. Well they moved on, what should you do? Answer – Let them move on. You move on, when u really want to, not when they want you to! Yes! (everytime I write yes, I get turned on – confessions of a perverted mind 😉 ). Where were we, oh yes! 😛 Yes, new tech is always better blah blah but guess what, analyse this, is ur tech really worth an upgrade? Should u really buy that newly released tech? The answer to this lies in ur mind, not ur pockets. Ask urself what is ur core usage. Is ur existing tech not providing that?

This para is a bit technical. But bear with me babes! I am ranting about my Galaxy Nexus. Today google decided to not release the android 4.4 Kitkat update for my beauty. Question to ask is not why, it is that can I or can I not? Answer: I can. Heck I’ve flashed 4.3 on my dad’s HTC Explorer. 😉 I can and I will use it on my phone. All I need is patience, until a hard working sweaty ass developer codes that sweetness for my beauty. Now the question arises about the upgraded specs that the newest phones have. Yeah, they do have the best specs. But does my usage really justify the spec usage or is it worth those precious pinks. (I am talking about the thousand rupee notes. All hail perverted minds, amen!)

I use my phone for very certain things only. I use it for whatsapp, daily horoscope (I read it every day and forget it the very next min, yet I read it every day religiously), times of india (only when I’m utter bore, coz most of the times I don’t care what’s the world upto), Chrome browser, Youtube, torch 😛 and several such essential apps. Guess what! All the phones in the android ecosystem run these apps with utmost sincerity.

Well, this post is for people who are like me. Love tech and love their pinks even more. (Godammit, double meanings!) Yes your phones and most other tech still have a lot of fight left in them. You must definitely look for an upgrade if ur phone does not perform the essential tasks of being a phone – calling, messaging, camera capabilities and battery backup (Ahem vibrator! Hail the perverted mind, amen!) But if the essential things suffice ur usage, give that upgrade a thought. Coz I seriously feel pity on people who buy a 30k phone for whatsapp and calls; or buy the best LED tv to watch standard definition channels. Seriously! It’s like having kim kardishian as ur wife and all you do is masturbate seeing her change!

For all those gamers and serious ass users, guys, juice ur tech until it just can’t breathe. That is when I would call u a serious ass user. Squeeze that performance out of your phones and tech. Flash roms and kernels. For people unaware of these terms – look at it like this, rom is the “muscle” of the phone (ur android version and its functionality) whereas, kernel is the “intellect” of ur phone (it deal with the way ur phone performs, smoothness in operations and responsiveness of the functioning). And yes u guessed it right, u can fine tune ur existing phone’s muscle strength, agility and improve it’s intellectual analytical capabilities too. (Somehow people understand human body anyhow)

So guys, don’t worry if you experience a “tech breakup”. It really does not matter that ur manufacturer left ur tech’s side. Remember u own that tech and it’s u who should support it and utilize it to the fullest potential. Move on from the official support and move towards developer love. They love their tech and share their development for free.

This post is not saying you to stay back and suffer if the tech is a trouble. If the tech is trouble, ditch it asap. Be ruthless at that point. Just that when growing, grow with knowledge and experience. Upgrade bindasss if you have the moolah and the wish is more than cash, go for it. This post is for those confused souls like me who always think twice before taking a leap. Change is constant and it is a part of life. U must change to grow. But the change should always be worth the breakup!


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