Diwali – The Great Indian Shopping Festival…



Hello everyone! Happy Diwali to you all…

Diwali.. Huh! Well, not a single person who doesn’t enjoy this festival. Everyone loves Diwali. For one reason and one reason only – Happiness! Yes this is one festival that spreads a lot of happiness amongst everyone celebrating it. Now comes the reasons why everyone is happy. Is it coz they have holiday? Is it coz they get their bonus? Answer : None of the above. The only reason why everyone is happy is coz this is unofficially, “The Great Indian Shopping Festival”.

Yes, if you know about the recent research, a human is most excited when he/she shops. And the very essence of Diwali starts with it’s preparations: The shopping list. Yes we all are excited about the upcoming holidays for Diwali, almost a month ago and also about our bonus. But the real excitement is in the execution. (All hail the perverted mind, Amen!) 😛 Jokes apart, yes ho, the real excitement starts when u are ready to shop for Diwali.

Let’s take a look at the usual Diwali Shopping/to-do list:

  • New clothes for everyone (Trust me, this is utmost necessary, for no obvious reasons. No matter what religion you are of!  I was literally forced to buy new clothes as if I was roaming naked!)
  • “Moti” Soap (Somehow this soap is like a “Diwali wonly” cleaning. Dare you use any other soap. You no Diwali cleaning then)
  • Lighting for the house (Yes, Diwali is a festival of lights so you have to have to haveee to put Diwali lighting)
  • Crackers (This shopping entirely depends on the family members. You have a lot of kids, no bombs huh! And now a days has become a status symbol. The richer you are the more ur rocket spreads)
  • A list of raw materials for those special Diwali eatables (I’m a Maharashtrian, will speak in my sense of understand –  Eatables like – Karanji, Chivda, Chakali, Ladu ummmmmm, shankarpali. Darn I need to hog!)
  • A list of cleaning materials – (No matter when you  cleaned your house. Be it a week before Diwali, It’s Diwali – You got to clean again. I mean wtf)
  • More than half the guys will paint their house, a part of it or just a wall for that matter, in Diwali. Yes, its auspicious to smell the thinner. Umm the orgasmic smell it has!
  • Ornaments – No comments!
  • Go on a holiday – Or invite everyone to a party or be the party. Well, it’s a Praty. So Party! 😀
  • Buying anything you always craved for, as a Diwali gift to yourself or your wife (She’s your, so eventually the gift too) 😛
  • Etc (This includes everything I missed up there)

PS: Just being a person who never makes a list. Writing this list is quite an achievement for me.  

All Apart, Yes the entire shopping for Diwali makes everyone happy for it. Heck half of us don’t even care to know what’s Diwali about. Guess what! Nor do i. Wakao! The bottom line being we all happy and that’s all that matters. But do we know at what cost are we enjoying this happiness?

Fact files :

  • The amount of pollution (air and sound) is more than twice of the remaining days of a year accumulated together!
  • The amount of electricity used by Maharashtra alone can suffice Entire India for a month!
  • Everything that you purchase – From lighting to crackers. 99% of it is earning revenue to China. Yes u heard it right. China by now has earned hundreds of crores just in these few days.
  • Every cracker that bursts creates a pulse, which eventually weakens the man-made structures around us.
  • We scare every other being around us. Have a look at your nearest animal. Nothing more to say here. (I am talking about animals apart from humans)
  • And many more things… Let’s leave that to you to think about!

But let’s not feel bad about all this. This is purely for info. Someday we will be forced to change the way but I am glad most of us are accepting the facts voluntarily. Many have given up bursting crackers, etc.

Guys, whatever you do. Remember. You shopped. U sparked that “ek chutki Happiness”. 😉 Utilise everything and enjoy this Diwali. Flaunt that new dress, new attire! Enjoy the eatables. Go Party! Heck even burst those crackers. Light those lights. Play it as u want to. The main factor is you must have a “Happy Diwali”

Happy Diwali


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