Expectations – the never-ending saga….


Expectations, darn! The sheer moment you reading this, you have an expectation that you read something valuable about expectations. What the smurf!  Anyways, here we go. Expectations, I don’t care… who you are.. rrreeee.. where your from… what you did.. I’ll still expect from you.. 😛

Woahke, ladies and men, it’s absolutely true. We live in a world of expectations! Guess what. Expectations start right before you were born. Right from the moment your mom got pregnant, expectations arose for you. Will it be a boy or a girl? Mom: I want a girl, pretty and sweet. Dad: If it’s a guy, he’ll be a sportsman and if it’s a girl, I better start going to gym again so nobody messes with her! And so the saga of expectations begins.. How will you look? When will you talk? When will u cry? When will you walk? Everything is being expected. Heck! Even the news of you being born was expressed to everyone as, “Good news, we’re expecting!”

And then this never stops. Literally it just never stops. It continues from, before your birth until ur death and later too. Ask an old guy playing TT with death; he’s expecting a burial at his birth place. And after his death, his kids will be expecting the amount of treasury their dad owned. It just never stops! Well, lets not go six feet under about this, let’s talk about, now.

So these bloody expectations are all around us. Growing up we are always expected to behave, to be in distinction (for some, expected to just pass at the very least 😛 ), to do this and do that. And, these expectations don’t just come from our parents (well a majorityof them are theirs 😉 ), it comes from teachers, classmates, colleagues, friends, etc, etc. Heck, even ur dog expects u to take care of him, even if he poops all over ur shirt! Expectations are every-freaking-where from every-freaking-one!

Let’s break this down to the most expected expectations (wtf was I expecting when writing this, freaked up writing expectations everywhere) :O

  • Expectations Masters – Parents:

Writing about this, first thing that strikes the mind is “papa kehte hai bada naam karega… Beta humara aesa kaam karega… Magar yeh toh koi na jaane k meri manjil hai kahan!” For a film song, it really aint bad, that it strikes so much resemblance with real life. Parents! – They are the masters of expectations. They are the ones who actually teach you that you should expect. Coz they expect from you. They expect you to clear exams (no matter how much u hate that subject, they want you to score 80% atleast, seriously!),to follow their pre-planned career path (yes, they want to give their kids all the education, they never got, at the cost of gambling with what their kid really wants or likes!). They expect you to graduate and then expect you to earn in dollars the very next moment of you passing year! (a rare possibility for rare people, die – all u rare assholes!). Once you start earning they expect you to earn even more (only one thing you and me know – we try our guts out to get there and the finish line just seems that far everytime!). They then expect their sons/daughters chose a partner who meets the parents expectations. (Love marriage, it’s a myth, no one is accepted on the first go by any parents. Every parent has expectations regarding their son/daughter in law. Until they settle down their bhp, they don’t accept. Later on what choice do they have! 😛 ). Post that parents expect you to deliver a baby before nine months of marriage 😀 and it continues…  You know! Expectations never end.

Fact: They expect coz it’s their immense love for you. Everytime they want to see you pass their expectations coz this indirectly means u scored a point in the society. U gained respect. It’s just like a coach doesn’t play in the real match but wakes before the player to teach him. Eventually making the player master his/her achievements. Only the player know how he is on that podium. 😉

  • Expectations among Friends:

Heck if they expect they aren’t your friends 😉

  • Expectations specialist : Your Partner

Yes! U read it right. Your partner is the one who is a specialist in expectations. Right from the first time you meet him/her and even before that, expectations start. I mean I could ask anyone in this world, what kind of a partner do you want? And the list of expectations starts – he/she should be charming, good looking, lovable, etc, etc. Weirdly this list of expectations always ends at one sentence – He/ She should be good at heart! What the Smurf!

Later on, you expect their parents to be kool, you expect them to be well settled financially, you expect they kiss good, you expect they have proper assets (all hail the perverted mind, amen!), you expect they hug u after a quarrel, you expect them to last long (ahem ahem) enough, you expect they were this and that, you expect and you expect…. But guess what! The reason why they are your partners is coz they expected you to be and so did you. So go make out! Love baby love!

  • Expectation Professionalist – Office

Expectations at your office. Darn dare I even say anything about it.  Probably you already know the dates of meetings and the various shit of office as compared to your house. The fact is people spend more time earning than enjoying the earned money! Yes, in today’s world we are more in office than at home. And so expectations here are all about professional growth. Meeting goals, sales target, development, execution, finishing reports, filling excel files, writing bullshit, FOCK THE HELL! Here expectations are calculative hence need calculative approaches to executions. U have no choice here!

But, this is what earns that precious smile at the end of every month. And the key to life’s immense happiness – Shopping! So, duniya ka nara – Jame raho!

  • Expectation – The etc people

The Etc. These are all the other people who expect things from you. Frankly speaking – I don’t give a darn! But for some, they are important and so are their expectations. Well for all the etc – If I don’t expect from you, you better not expect from me. Else, Fuck Off!!!

Yes, bros and all u sassy gals. Expectations are never ending. But guess what! That’s the entire fun of living. I mean what’s that point of answering, if you are not asked a question. Yes, expectations can act as a brain fuck and frankly speaking I am going through one, that’s where this post ejaculated from. But, I get it now! These expectations keep you on your toes. Make you realize you are not alone. If people expect from you, people think of u. Be glad, u asshole! And, bindass face these expectations. Head on!

Don’t worry don’t hesitate. Remember, it’s a world wide phenomena. All are expecting and all are expected from! So switch ur mind in the positive mode. Start your engines.. Rev ‘em hard… And Burrrrrrrr…..


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