What Do You Want To Do????


If you ask this question to anyone – The answer is never definite. (Some rare assholes have that defined, but the real answer is answered, when they fulfill what they answered – A very rare possibility!). Ok, so you all probably must be thinking what the peeep do I want to say! Well, what I want to say is, do u know what you want to be?

Frankly speaking, I don’t know a shit what I want to be. All I know is I want to be rich, famous, healthy and sexy. Now, what is it that m really talking about is? I am talking about those definite things that you want to be. Ask a kid, what he/she wants to be? Their answer changes as per their likings at that very moment. They’ll answer – I want to be a doctor, a soldier and some have even said I want to be “Katrina kaif”. Yeah cute answers, aren’t they? But what we don’t realize is that we all want to be something or someone, as per our likings at that present moment of time! Yes – it’s true.

It’s not that I want to change who I am. Coz, I’m sexy and I know it! :mrgreen: But there are instances in life, when we feel we are lost. Coz, we are utterly clueless what to do! And this is not a rare occurrence. It may and does happen many a times in our course of day to day living. We get choices all along the way, and yes no matter what we choose, fact is we have to choose!  Right from the time you go to buy pen to the time you buy a car. Choices are all around and making that choice, we always find ourselves being clueless at one point or the other. Like always let’s not have an intercourse with details. Let’s talk about all the major choices we make/made.

In our early years, it’s all about innocent and mischievous choices. Here, when very young we don’t know what we want to do at all. But the sheer excitement of experimenting makes up our memories. As we start growing up, knowing that we are entering the jungle of life, we are all absolutely clueless what to do! I mean, gals – ask urself the feeling when u got ur first period or guys ask yourself what was it like to see your first porno. You knew nothing about, what to do next! And many such instances – From what to wear to what style to adopt. Being clueless here either turned out into a disaster or an expected walk of fame.. Yes – U all know what I’m talking about, don’t ya 😉

We all grow and we experience various feelings as the time matures. This is the time when what to do, is all about personal life. When entering college – what course to choose, should you follow your liking at that moment or listen to what your friends are saying, or just choose a college based upon its crowd or plainly follow ur friends to the college they are going. I remember choosing a college just coz it was close by. (all hail the lazy ass, amen!) And once the choice is made, the next question silently haunts the mind – “Did I make the right decision?” 😀 I have seen people qualified technically choosing human resource as their field of study from here on. And college is a place that defines a lot of what to do in your life, later. Here we start understanding our likings a bit more clearly. And a very true fact – Not a single person in college, lives without having a crush on someone. Not a single one!

Here is where it starts getting more personal. Gals and guys all have these approaches and crushes and what not at this time. Here is where you are constantly asking yourself – Freaking, what should I do? Should I give that guy/gal an approval for his/her proposal? Should I wait for my crush to start liking me? Should I approach him/her?….  And when u made the” what to do” choice, another what to do arises – Should I kiss him/her first? Should I do it? Is he/her the right person? What to do what to do… These feelings may arise before, during or after the college times too. These feelings are not time bound. But what remains is the question, “What to do?”

Now, surviving these hurdles we pass out and it’s time to start the run. Till today we were coached about running, we even wore all our attire and are ready to start running. But, heck what! Where to run? What do I want to do? U are here stranded, clueless. Yes this is an utter truth of life. We all are qualified and what not. But tell me one thing, do u know what u want to be, what u want to do? It does not matter if you are a technically qualified guy/gal or a marketing qualified guy. We are absolutely clueless what to do in our professional lives. This is true at least for the first few years of your working experience. I mean I know people who are engineers working as marketing specialist in a firm. People who are llb and what not, teaching accounts at colleges. 😯

I am in this stage. Have changed jobs and industries, and finally decided to settle at a place for some years to come. Coz I figured out that I will only be able to answer my “what do I want to do” question once I start understanding my ownself. And by throwing myself around jobs, I wont be able to do this. And I believe I will definitely be rich, famous, healthy and sexy in the times ahead. All I need is patience.

Coming back to the topic, after somehow doing what we are doing, life progresses to greater “what do I do” questions. This time though, it is a decision of life. Like in a relationship, as the days pass by and as u get to know each other, trust builds up and so does the bonding. But it’s not always lovely. There are times when partners quarrel. May be something big or small, and whenever it happens, the question arises – what do I do? Is he/she really the right person? This question is not just when u r sad, but also when u r getting intimate – What do I do? Should I go that one step ahead?

This phenomena is not just restricted to relationship, goes up ahead to marriage – love marriage or arranged marriage! Yes, even if it’s a love marriage, ask the groom or the bride – what are you thinking? He/she usually won’t have the answer! Coz it is their questions to themselves “Am I doing the right thing? Is this the right person? Will it change everything?” Yes this question always persists “what do I want to do?” Heck this even happens after marriage – from the smallest of things to the bigger decisions. No matter how much u celebrate after finding out that you will be having a baby. That night before u sleep, the question arises “what do I want to do, do I want to have a baby? Am I ready?”

Yes folks – This question is forever embedded to our lives. But guess what! We have survived most of it and are coping with the present – pretty kool. J It is absolutely normal to be clueless. Nobody was sure the first few times. Pick out anyone from the life’s file and you’ll see no one had a perfect run! Yes we are running towards unknown destinations, only believing we reach where we want to be. Life requires you to do nothing more. Let the question arise – Answer it as per ur liking. Yes u r working somewhere, you want to grow vertically, but let life be clueless bro, you could find that ladder somewhere utterly non-expected! Same applies to all the tasks wherever and whenever u think – “what do I want to do?”

Just wanna say be urself. Yes – No matter what happens be urself. Everyone is special in their own unique ways. Don’t just imitate what your friend does. Do it as per your own style. Yes, u have a style. Know it and don’t ever be ashamed of your style. Learn ways to improve it. Learn from everyone. Coz eventually all of this makes life easier to handle that “what do I want to do?” question. 🙂

Be Happy Assholes!!!

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