Money – Fuel for everything….


Yes whoever said money can’t buy happiness, well that asshole just is broke as hell as I am. Frankly speaking money can buy you anything. ANYTHING!

This post is absolutely against my thinking. But have faced some situations and I am now questioned to think that maybe the world is just the way people have always spoken about. 😦

Look at it in this sense. Everything that makes you happy, everything that you like, wear, flaunt, have or even everything that you experience has to be fuelled by money. Darn what was I thinking when I thought that money was not so important!

No matter what person you have in your life, no matter where you met them, you could meet them coz you spent money to be there at that moment. Money eventually defines the very existence of your life. Heck, your parents even paid to just get you in this world. And ever since then money defines your world.

You have a lot of money. You get a life that the other kid with less money always keeps craving. This goes on till you are on your death bed! We lead our lives to earn this fuel. No matter what goals or what dreams you see – money is the backbone for all of these. Coz it powers everything from birth to death.

Also in this entire course of making money, we eventually don’t realize that apart from all the complexities of life and relationships, money starts defining who you are. I mean just say to person that you earn 1lac per month and his/her eyes start looking at you as a person of higher status. Say the same person I earn 15k, and u all of a sudden fall in the “ugh” category! Does the guy even know me?  then how the fock can he start defining me based on my earning!

Here’s the real sad part. 😦 Even if it’s a person you know. He/she still defines you on your earnings and your assets. Even your loved ones, for that matter!

What has life come down to? Where we should define what money does and mean to us, people start defining you based on your money. I live in India and this is how important money here is. No matter what you do, money defines your status.

You cannot lead a life with insufficient funds to fuel your life. Happiness has a price. Heck never thought, but even love has a price. When you have sufficient money, you can afford these price tags. But once your funds are low, these feelings too start reminding you, like your monthly bills, that we need money to be with you.

It’s a heart break to face this situation. And I’m sure we all go through this. My bad experienced advise – stop trying to patch these feelings, keep calm and just move ur ass to work – get money. I too am facing the same situation and have learned it the “heart break” way that money is the fuel to everything called life.

****Humans are the only species that pay to live on earth – Sometimes I wish I could be some other species****

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