You – Let’s know you – who are you and how are you, who you are….


You – Let’s know you – Part 1.

Well, yes let me start this with a small exercise. Reading this right now – list 5 things each, about urself that you are. In this format “I am…” and “I am not….”

Take 2 mins!!!


Kool. Now repeat the same things, this time though, replacing “I am…” with “I wound up being…” and “I am not…” with “I wound up not being….” Go ahead take another 2 mins!!!


Freaks, something feels different, right! Yes this is a universal truth. Whatever you think you are or you are not – you actually wound up being that!

Well, it’s a big ass leg piece to swallow at the first go, though eventually you will get a hang of this. I mean whatever u thought you were or were not, well, may I ask on what basis did you make out that you were such?

Let’s take an eg. Most of us would think. I am lazy. 😉 (Be honest assholes!) Let me ask u guys, what made u say that? If u have to study, do a work or something u don’t want to do – the task is boring and u don’t want to do it – so u r lazy. Now what if it’s ur gf/bf undressing in front of u, ur on a holiday, ur on bed with someone u utterly love or just about do something u totally love – are u lazy or are u active? 😛 (Gotcha!!!)

So are u lazy? Well everything that you thought you are and you are not, depends on the situations u face or faced.  And the answers you gave up there are just what you have decided you are. Fact is you are non of those. Yes, u heard me right! You are non of those things. Whatever you answered up there is what you think you are. But the fact is you are nothing without a situation!

Now let me tell u in short what I mean. What are you – Good or Bad? Answer – ……. Ok keep the answer in your mind. Now lemme ask you when a kid is born is it good or bad? Most of us will answer good. Well, I asked what’s the kid? What good has he done, to be good? Does he know he is good??? Then how do u know that u r good? The real answer is “he’s nothing”

Yes u heard it right. The kid is nothing. He knows nothing. And reality – you come from nothing to being all the 5 things that you thought about yourself. Since we are thinking of a kid, let’s analyse this a bit in more closely. So the kid is growing. Let’s say he’s  4years of age and the family is about to go to another kids birthday party. His mom explains and guides (warns) him to behave at the party – At the party, you won’t fight anyone, you will behave, no hitting, no screaming, etc etc… Now they arrive at the birthday party. As soon as the kid enters the party hall – he loses it all and goes in screaming at the other kids. WTF just happened. Well, his mom explained him everything yet he forgets it all and goes in blasting!

Now the same kid is 10years of age. Same situation, though this time his mom said him nothing. He enters the party hall, stays with parents, goes in and has chocolates, maintains his behavior and eats properly too. We all are like yes, it’s true. But how is this kid transforming with age. It’s just that his thoughts were nothing when he was young – his mom’s explanation year after year downloaded and programmed his mind to behave!

The same way you have been exposed to this data that was downloaded into you year after year making you say “I am good”. So eventually you wound up being what you are! J

Remember one thing – you are nothing until a situation arises. If you stick to the notion that you are this and that, you will find it harder to move smooth in life. Yes u heard it right – it applies to every aspect of life. I mean lets say u chose a wrong course or a wrong career industry, and u realize the same but hesitate to change coz it would require you to leave this – go back to nothing – start again! A logical thinking would say – that’s wrong, I can’t just do it. It is a big gamble. But let me ask you while u chose the wrong thing – u didn’t know it would turn up wrong – bro/gals, you already passed the loss in your gamble. This “nothing” is ur jack. Play it, to win it. Else no matter what you do, u r playing blind!

The thought is right, but it’s wrong! The entire lifestyle we lived till this date has taught us one thing – It’s wrong to be wrong! The fear of doing something wrong stops us from even doing it. U have been programmed by the society not to do mistakes. Eventually you look at everything as “something” you do.

Many a times it does happen to us. A situation arise, we face it and then later we start thinking – darn! I could have done it better! Or I could have acted in this manner rather than what I did. This reaction of urs is an outcome of ur pre-defined notions. And what u think later is the possibilities you could have got if you thought clearly before acting.  What I mean is – If you start from “Nothing” you can do “anything”. Coz then your mind is blank. Its neutral. It holds no notion of the pre-decided world. I mean whenever a situation arise always look at the first thing that comes as a reaction and then think what other reactions are possible. The first reaction is ur “Something”! The thought to not act as “Something” at that moment is “Nothing” and act in the best possible manner is “anything or everything”.

Too fucking Ontological!!! I know. But the factz is the factz. Kay Karnaar!! 😛

So yes now you know what this is… But guess what! This can be mastered and eventually a proper behavioral pattern can be created. First thing that you should remember is – be bold to be nothing. All you need to do is learn to be calm. Yes even in the most relaxed work – think calmly. Think – ok! the first way that I will react is this, but then give a thought at what else can be the reaction to the same?

That is all that u should do. Answers to possibilities will flow and you will know what the best response is for it! Trust me – your brain is capable enough to do all these calculations before u even blink. 😉

That’s one aspect of who u are. More to come…. Stay Tuned!!!

Remember – Wakao!!!!!

2 thoughts on “You – Let’s know you – who are you and how are you, who you are….

  1. The exercise u told to do in post & the example tht you gave of a child were super !!!!!!
    Great observation :).
    Its always fun reading ur post :).

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