You – Let’s know you – The way you see is the way you be!!!



You – Let’s know you – Part 2

Woahke, we’re back for more. Incase if you are reading this for the first time. It is a continued part from the post below. Kindly read that first! Else, this post will feel like watching a movie after interval…. So ur back. Good to see u alive. Let’s continue this crap…

we learned about the way we think of ourselves. Let’s call them ur “Default settings”. So u have set your standard as of now, stating these are my “Default settings”. Now when you start thinking through them, we earlier saw, your “Default settings” are questioned. This time you get to know that you have something called “Natural Settings” It means u r not just what you think you are. U just always thought so. U have many natural ways of reacting to one situation. It’s never fixed.

How will this type of thinking help us? Answer – When u predefine yourself saying that this is what you are. You are limiting your thought process, eventually limiting your possibilities. When you have an open – neutral approach to every situation and person, you are opening several possibilities in your mind. If you stay put on your default settings, eventually all you will wait for is, opportunities. Yes opportunities are for people who wait and possibilities are for people who think that everything can be looked from more than my default perspectives.

Now let’s talk about a common term we all always seem to talk about – Goals / dreams. Yes not a single person in this world lives without a hope to be or do or achieve or fuck something or someone, someday! (Perverted minds ki jai ho… 😛 ) Read it again! Kool! This is an utter freaking fact. Every freaking one lives with a hope. Most have it defined perfectly (Rare assholes) and some like me, well let’s say we are clueless where we are heading. The only thing that keeps us doing what we are doing is, Belief! We believe our dreams. But unfortunately question our actions towards it!

Let me ask you a simple question. Can you buy a BMW Z4 (name any of ur utterly desired highly impossible as of  now wala thingy)? 😉

Take some time – think!

Ok – 90% of us would go – Nope can’t do! Or maybe not now but “Someday” definitely!

Well kool – Now gimme 5 reasons why you can’t?

Take 2 mins….


Great, now you said its not possible, you also gave reasons for it and u thought that ohk maybe someday. Yes, future is not certain.

Now let’s say, you have to wake up at 4am tomorrow. Can u?

Here’s your answer – U would say heck yeah why can’t I? I get up at 6.30am anyways. I’ll just sleep couple of hours early. For sleeping early, I’ll have my dinner early. To have my dinner early, I’ll inform my mom or wife or maybe myself that I need to have dinner early. I’ll not do much tp after work. Maybe even try finishing my workday on time and avoid delays.

What did you do? – You realized that this was possible and to make it happen u lived your present accordingly. Can this same thing not be applied for the BMW’s case too? 😉

Yes your responses depend on the way you perceive your future. Something that we think is possible we start behaving in that manner to get that future realized. But for things that you are not sure, what actions will you take? What you are today is the way you see your future. It means what you are today is how you saw yourself back in your past! And you are utterly attached to this outcome.

Let me explain through a typical Indian eg.

Imagine a guy living with his parents or wife. Now his normal schedule is to go to office at 8am and come back home by 6pm (Most idealistic timing in India – I know, I dream the same too 😛 ) Now, today he goes out at the same time. Day is going all fine. Parents or wife are all kool, leading an everyday usual life routine. Well, time goes by. Now its 6pm. Time goes by and its 6.30pm. At this moment the same parents or wife, start thinking that he should have been home by now. Immediate response – calls the guy. His phone is indicating that it’s switched off. Time passes by and now it’s 8pm. Now the parents and wife start getting worried and call the office or the guy’s friends. Response – He left on time, we don’t know his whereabouts. Time still passes by and its 9.30pm. Now the parents or wife are really worried and start calling family members for support. All are worried and come home to support the parents or wife. The mom and wife start worrying and are in tears as to what must have happened. Family calls their contacts – cops and everyone around to search for the guy. Now its 10.30pm, at home all are tensed and then there is a doorbell sound. Wife opens the door and there is this guy, standing all smiles and happy. Immediate response – the entire house pounces on him with anger – abusing him about being careless and all. And yes you would say it’s normal or in a more elaborate way “ofcourse yaar!”

Well, here’s what had happened – the guy was about to leave office and his cellphone battery was about to die. He dint care as he was anyways travelling home. He left office on time and while travelling to the station, he accidentally bumped into his childhood best friend. He was invited by the friend to come to his place to catch up and they both were super excited. They went home and both went in talking and smiling and laughing about their childhood times. The conversation was so intensely filled with joy and emotions that he totally forgot the sense of time or the sense to even call at home saying, I’ll be late. He realizes this after a long time and rushes out of the friends out, just to find his cellphone battery dead. But he’s glad he met this friend. In this day’s happiness he comes home to enter into this! 😛

Why is it that the parents or his wife or all of them reacted in this manner?

It’s coz their past has programmed them such that if someone is late then it’s definitely, due to some problem. More the time the bigger the problem, and when this guy came home without it problem – he broke their notion of usual thinking! There by the response was totally against what they were expecting. I mean look at it – he is safe, he’s happy and he is ready to apologize for his mistake of not informing. But no one wants to listen to him, instead want to blame him and at the very least even abuse him for his carelessness.

Look at the same situation like this – Its’ 10.30pm. Doorbell rings. Wife opens the door, to see this guy, battered and wounded. Her immediate response – she’ll hold him. Get him water, cry and love him, caress him. Why this response? Answer – Coz this is the image she was expecting. It fulfilled her expectation and thus she and everyone else is calm and catering this guy’s health and well-being. She is satisfied her thoughts came to being, even if those thoughts meant seeing him in pain!

Well. Sink in that feeling you are getting we’ll talk in a sec.

This is what I meant by saying you are what you see in the future!

Stay tuned… More about yourself to come and also the way to look at things with a new perspective!

Until then… Think!!! Wakao!!! 🙂

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