You – Lets know you – Yes You!


Very first thing – Apologies for being so freaking late in posting! Don’t asking reason – I won’t whine about them either. Apology lelo khush raho (Be glad I atleast apologized!) 😛

Hellow all of you all you all of.. Wateva.. Wassup bros and gals! Ahn ahen wait, if you come heres and reads this first times, kindly goes backs and read the earlier parts coz u no in flow my bro… Check em out..  Woahke! Wassup confused soul! Welcome to the party. 🙂 Yes I am not writing as often as I used too. Well, all of a sudden my all so free time at work has transformed to productivity expectations. I actually have to work! Well, it sucks. Let’s move on.. So u all read the way you are through situations and how this all affects the pattern of the outcome. Well let’s talk a bit more about the same…

Ask yourself – What is your past in relationships, at work, in society or your life up to date? And what will your future be regarding the same?

Answers start flowing instantly don’t they! But when it comes to future, the first thing that haunts is uncertainty and the risk of failure. All because you have been loaded with the this ideology since childhood. But guess what! – You can change your past. Yes, you heard it right focker, you can change your past. I can see those retinas going bright and thinking what the fock is he talking about. Well, the fact of this world is whatever I am writing – u already know it, you and I are just too adamant to change.

How in the hell can we change what happened? The answer to this is very simpleba 😉 – You just got to change your perspective of your past. Yeah, sink in that thought like a broken ass titanic.. Buduk buduk duk! As we already know, everything has various possibilities and your past is no exception. Yes – It already occurred. So what!!! Can you not change the perspective of the happenings, today? If you think of the past with your default settings, you miss out the possibilities it had to offer through opening up your mind for a different perspective. I know that felt like a chokslam thought. Read again baba! You are thinking of your past from your pre-defined notion. Now take up every incident that happened in the past and look at it from a perspective – how it is affecting your present!

Do this exercise now. Take up an incident from your past that you remember. Now whatever you think about it, let go! And then, look at the same incident with a fresh perspective. Ask yourself, if this would not be what happened, what would it be? What are the possibilities? And trust me when I say this, whatever happened or whatever you come up with as the answer to this, it was and is for good! 🙂

Your past does not matter. It’s always about the perspective of your past. Change your perspective of your past and you’ll change your past! Buduk Buduk duk! 😛

That was about past but what about the instant things? What do I mean to say is, you know how to look at things before you take a decision or create a perception. But what about the natural settings that have been deep loaded inside your head! Yes – Have you seen people who accidentally bump their cars into each other and the very next second, come out and start abusing each other to the core and most of the times just outright go fist happy!

Yeah – I admit I too m from this asshole category at times. But have you asked urself why this reaction? I have seen so many of these instances – ask women and men travelling by train, or people catching autos and the other hundreds like me – people who drive everywhere possible (Heck I have even driven to cross the street  – Hail the Lazy ass!!!) why? Kya hui? Whayii those reactions? Let’s turn to science here.

Hellow Science – Hello Pratik. Science! Yes Pratik! Fuck u bitch! Ohk here’s your answer you ‘circular opening of the alimentary canal’ – Your brain has two receptionists to any stimulus, namely – Amygdala and Cortex. The Amygdala is also known as the reptilian brain. And the cortex is the analytical brain. When any of your senses, sense a certain stimulus, the neurons flow to both these parts of the brain. As complex as we are, the stimulus first reaches the Amygdala part and later the cortex.

As read above, the amygdala is your reptilian brain. It’s only function is to see that you survive. Yes – it is that part of the brain that keeps you safe and also gets you into fights! Now when the stimulus happens to reach the Amygdala, It starts to react and fills your brain with the reactive neurons, thereby switching off your cortex reactions. What I mean to say is, if i suddenly appear out of this screen and try to hit you :P, u will quickly react – that’s the amygdala. You wont think what the fuck! , How did he come out or what’s the logic. U will react spontaneously. This reaction was an action of the Amygdala to protect u.

At the same time, u may react by trying to hit me to save urself. This too is an action of the Amygdala. Taking this bullshit, in the real world – when we interact with someone in a situation that generates a reaction on an action, the amygdala takes charge here. This phenomena of amygdala reacting before your cortex is called the “amygdala attack”.

PS: Every good aspiring business man knows this term. They are even taught how to control the amygdala attacks. Anyways it’s a freaking active process called – Meditation. Who the fuck has time for it? Me don’t.  if u have – do it bc! 😛

Yes the amygdala attack lasts for an average of 20-30 mins. That’s the reason why most of us say, leave me alone for some time, I’ll be fine! Amygdala is necessary for survival, but it should not be used for decisions. And no matter what, you must learn to control it too. It’s dangerous! This is the same brain that fucks the consequences and stimulates murders, rapes, etc!

Only way to control it is to leave the scenario for some time, till it cools off. Meditation helps too, but nor me and nor most of u assholes are as free as you think.

Well, I have been telling many a things about the way we are and the way we should be or whatever… I don’t like parts and I totally hate them. But the posts in the recent past could be a nightmare to read all at once, so have been writing in some parts. Glad to be back and eat your heads!

Remember one thing – whatever or however – life is fun! Wakao!!! 🙂

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