Life keeps changing.. Everytime!

Hello Guys,

It feels like ages that I have written a blog post. The truth is that I could hardly remember my username and password when I clicked on login, but thanks to my browser who remembers my username and password, I am back here.

I started this blog as a rant and wanted to write whatever i felt like writing. Started it when I joined as an EA, life graduated me to do PR and today i am in a totally different industry doing something that i never was qualified to do.

I write for a living! I mean seriously, I write for a living. This is something that just happened without me even thinking about how and when and should I even..! But heck, it happened and I think this is one amongst the best things that has happened in my professional life thus far!

I now write for a magazine. Review gadgets and automobiles for a living. How fucking cool is that and no matter how cool it might be, it still is my work and am supposed to be good at it. At least that’s what am trying to be.

All this while, its been a steep learning curve. Trying to cope up with what’s thrown at me. You could say that i am living my pipe dream, or as most of my friends think, I’m living every guys pipe dream.

Trying out your passion is one thing, but choosing it as a career is something else, especially when you have loads of responsibilities hovering up your ass. All in all, am glad my life’s changing course without an intercourse with my ass.

Will be having random visits and keep updating the blog. This is a happening job and experiences never stop. I just hope they don’t ever!

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